The Russian Aerospace Forces has a new strategic bomber capable of sinking aircraft carriers and destroying entire countries

The Russian Aerospace Forces are preparing to adopt a new strategic bomber.

In Russia, flight tests of the newest Russian strategic bomber Tu-95MSM begin, which is a deeply modernized version of the Russian aircraft, well known to NATO and the United States for its unexpected appearances, despite the fact that the bomber was developed during the prosperity of the Soviet Union. By the end of the year, this aircraft can already enter service with the Russian Aerospace Forces, and in comparison with previous versions, this combat vehicle has a huge advantage.

“The deeply modernized strategic missile carrier Tu-95MSM will make its first test flight by the end of August this year. The head of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), Yuri Slyusar, reported this on Monday to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I hope that the long-awaited deeply modernized Tu-95 will take off in Taganrog by the end of August. We have strengthened the wing, changed individual airframe units. A vehicle with a new armament complex, with a new on-board complex of electronic equipment, with new modified engines, new propellers, and, in fact, the combat capabilities of the vehicle have doubled after this modernization, "said Slyusar", - about it сообщает publication "TASS".

In fact, this means that the deeply modernized Tu-95MSM bomber will be better adapted for the performance of combat missions, however, experts believe that the new aircraft was not without secrets.

"It is possible that the modernized Tu-95MSM became less noticeable for radar equipment, and its ammunition load could be supplemented with new types of ammunition, especially taking into account the development of hypersonic technologies.", - the expert marks.

This NEW "deeply modernized" aircraft was put into service in the mid-50s of the last century - 70 years ago, guys, 70 years ago !!!
TB-3 will be next?

but to make a TV, a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner, a cell phone, a computer, high quality, poorly? I no longer write about cars, this is generally from the world of fantasy.

Let them first tell you what his RCS. If it is the same as the previous version of the Tu-95, when the radar screen was illuminated as from a flying football field, then who, except for the propagandists of Pu, needs it today.

And before Putin, so much was built and produced that I still shudder as I remember.

Have you forgotten that before that there was the Gorbachev Union and the Yeltsin Russian Federation - then nothing was created, but everything was destroyed ...

This is a deeply modernized Soviet bomber, and Putin's Russia cannot do anything of its own, Putin's regime has destroyed the entire industry. Stop deceiving people and have the courage to tell the truth!

What can be done under the current leadership of the country?