Armed with the Armed Forces of Ukraine found one of the rarest examples of military equipment

One of the rarest samples of military equipment was found in the arsenal of the Ukrainian army.

A photograph with a Ukrainian soldier appeared on the Web, against the background of the Soviet R-145BM1 command and staff vehicle, which is considered one of the rarest Soviet military vehicles created on the basis of the BTR-60 armored personnel carrier. In fact, we are talking about a machine that provides communication in various frequency bands, however, as of 1991, only 95 machines of this type have survived in the world, most of which were subsequently disposed of, and another part became museum exhibits, according to various It is estimated that today only 15-20 units of this technique could be preserved.

At the moment, it is not known for certain how many of these unique vehicles are in service with Ukraine, however, it is known that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the R-145BM1 command and staff vehicles remained with the countries that were part of the USSR, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.

A key feature of the R-145BM1 command and control vehicles is that they support reliable two-way communication in medium-rough terrain, which is just right for this region of the planet.