Iranian air defense activity spotted in eastern Syria for the first time

Iran has deployed its air defense systems in Syria.

Commercial satellites managed to fix on the basis of the pro-Iranian forces and the forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Iranian air defense systems. An unidentified short-range air defense facility was discovered south of the city of Madan, where the presence of Iranian military and pro-Iranian formations was previously recorded.

The satellites managed to detect powerful radio-electronic radiation at a frequency of about 5 GHz in a desert area, approximately 80 kilometers from the city of Madan. Judging by the radiation, we are talking about a radar capable of detecting targets at a distance of about 50 kilometers - with a high degree of probability, Iran delivered the Khordad-3 complex to Syria, which exactly corresponds to the current parameters.

One of the reasons for the deployment of air defense systems by the Iranian military in this direction is the attacks of Israeli fighters and drones carried out earlier by Al-Tanf. Moreover, it is noteworthy that attacks on Iranian forces have not been launched in this direction for about six months. This does not rule out the possibility that Iranian air defenses have been deployed here for quite some time.