Novy Urengoy Airport


In Yamal, because of bad weather, delayed departure of the two flights to Ekaterinburg

On Yamal delayed departure of the two flights to Ekaterinburg.

According resource aircraft airlines "Yamal" and "RusLine" almost day lingered tickets from Salekhard and Novy Urengoy, which gave tens of passengers a lot of problems. According to the official schedule, the flight of airline "Yamal" was scheduled to 15 hours, "RusLine" carrier flight was supposed to be Implemented in 17 15 hours, minutes, however, due to adverse weather conditions, departures were transferred almost daily.

It should be clarified that according to the information appeared, the arrival of the aircraft "Yamal" airlines in Ekaterinburg is expected to 11 10 hours, minutes, and Destination aircraft airline "RusLine" scheduled for hours 13 40 minutes.