A helicopter capsized on Yamal


In Yamal capsized helicopter Mi-8, one person injured

03 February 2014. Today in 10: 58 in Moscow time in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District near the Bovanenkovsky deposit, a helicopter overturned Mi-8. The accident occurred as a result of an unsuccessful landing. Of 19 people who were on board the helicopter, one woman was injured.

The helicopter with 3 crew members and 16 passengers followed from Vorkuta In Bovanenkovo, to deliver shift workers to the place of work.

In the regional department of the Ministry of Emergencies reported that the injured passenger of the overturned helicopter "Komiaviatransa" Will be transported to Vorkuta. There is no exact information about her health at the moment, but it is known that as a result of the incident the woman received multiple bruises.

According to the department, all the other participants of the accident arrived safely to the place of their arrival.



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