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Unknown Ukrainian Armed Forces fighter spotted in the south of DPR

The second fighter of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in a week was spotted near the southwestern border of the DPR.

Residents of the settlement of Telmanovo published a photo in which, as reported, another Ukrainian fighter was seen, which tried to approach the line of contact in the south-west of the DPR. According to local residents, the combat aircraft moved from the western direction towards the Russian border, however, before reaching the contact line of several kilometers, it turned in the northern direction. A similar incident was already observed on November 25, as reported in the OSCE SMM report.

In the presented photograph, you can see the contrail of a jet aircraft of an unknown type. According to the source, the photo was taken from the territory of the settlement of Telmanovo, although it was not possible to track the flight route of the aircraft with standard monitoring resources.

Earlier, it was suggested that the Ukrainian Air Force could practice launching missile strikes on Telmanovo, planning to start an assault on this settlement. In theory, this would allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to cut off the southern part of the DPR from the Russian border, especially since an extremely high activity of the Armed Forces is currently observed in the area of ​​the settlement Granitnoye.

We noticed this well, the plane violated the border of the LPNR. the question arises "why is he not humiliated"

It's just a meteor, never mind.

Cunning tactics .. fly .. fly .. hit .. stop .. and then again ... they teach it so slowly.