The bomber PAK DA


In the West, they admired the photo of the Russian strategic bomber PAK DA

The West admired the first photographs of the Russian strategic bomber.

After the appearance of the first images of what the Russian strategic bomber of the PAK DA project looks like, Western media also became actively interested in information about the Russian bomber of the new generation, which did not hide their admiration for the Russian military aircraft.

According to Western journalists, the Russian military has created an aircraft that actually has no analogues, and, in the shortest possible time, and Western analysts believe that the Russian bomber will be able to take off in a few years, and this is a truly huge combat vehicle, which has no analogues. will be within the next 10-15 years.

“Russia is again taking the lead in the sky. <...> This bomber not only has a stunning appearance, but also has the ability to carry a huge amount of weapons, being a very serious threat to NATO "- emphasize the Western media.

Readers of Western news agencies and publications also do not hide their admiration for the Russian bomber:

“While our ally is using ancient B-52s, the Russians have come up with a unique combat vehicle. Damn it, this is a huge "stealth" capable of destroying not only cities, but entire countries. "

“He has an amazing view. I never cease to envy the Russians "

"We were afraid of the flights of the Russian" Bears "(Tu-95 - ed.), But this is a completely different combat vehicle, which has no analogues."

According to a number of assumptions, the first flight of the PAK DA bomber may take place until 2025.