Columns of smoke fixed on Serpentine

Five pillars of smoke have been recorded on Zmeiny Island.

Five pockets of smoke were recorded on Zmeiny Island, and the satellite found a trace of a rocket launch. The circumstances of the appearance of pockets of smoke on Zmeiny Island are still unknown, however, judging by the fact that the photo was taken from a distance of about 50 kilometers, we are talking about quite serious smoke.

In the presented photo you can see at least five serious pockets of smoke. However, judging by NASA satellites, no fires have been recorded on the territory of Snake Island. This caused a lot of questions in this regard, since no official statements regarding the appearance of smoke over the island were made by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

In addition, experts also drew attention to satellite images, in which on June 29 on Zmeiny Island you can see a trace, allegedly left by a fired anti-aircraft guided missile. This does not rule out the possibility that the Russian military could repel a new attack on Zmeiny Island. However, no statements were made in this regard, although the day before, as part of a briefing, the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Igor Konashenkov, announced the successful destruction of a unit of the French Caesar self-propelled guns west of Snake Island.