Donetsk airport is paralyzed


We observe the fate of the Donetsk airport

26.05.2014/26/XNUMX. The sounds of explosions rattling at the airport could be heard in the city center. According to the Army of Ukraine, the middle of the day on May XNUMX was marked by the beginning of the ATO in Donetsk. According to eyewitnesses, combat aircraft and helicopters do not stop flying in the sky. 

The anti-terrorist operation after the expiration of the ultimatum, which was nominated by the army. Such information Dmitrashkovsky told Alex, who served as a press officer ATO.

According to him, first flew Su-25, which separatists responded to a chaotic fire. Flew in support of SU-25 and four helicopters MI-24. The landing was put forward, which carried out fastening in the territory. At the moment there is no information about the dead or wounded. 

Army of Ukraine in the process of the battle was destroyed anti-aircraft calculation. Airport staff were evacuated in the morning. In 7,00, in Donetsk, the aircraft did not land and did not take off; all flights were canceled. They are closed and the State Aviation Service. 
The situation in the city is very touchy, children do not go to school without having to residents try not to go out.


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