Su-57 and Hunter


Accelerated tests of the Okhotnik UAV have begun - it can go to Syria this year

The newest Russian attack drone "Okhotnik" may begin testing in Syria this year.

Russian aircraft manufacturers were given the task of accelerating the testing of the Russian attack unmanned aerial vehicle "Okhotnik" as much as possible, so that these combat vehicles began to enter service with the Russian Aerospace Forces in 2024, moreover, we are talking about a full-fledged serial production, which implies active testing of these combat vehicles for territory of Syria. Given the tight deadlines, tests of the newest attack drone should be completed in 2022 at the most, which means that testing of the Hunter in Syria should begin now.

“The Russian Ministry of Defense will begin to receive serial heavy shock-reconnaissance stealth drones Okhotnik from 2024, the head of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), Yuri Slyusar, told President Vladimir Putin. This aircraft is considered the wingman of the Su-57 fighter. The manager said that the company headed by him received the task from the Russian military department to move the work in this direction to the “left” as much as possible. “To start deliveries as early as 2024. Therefore, now we are actively working on this issue with colleagues, "said the manager."- приводит information publication "".

Taking into account the fact that the Okhotnik drone is supposed to be used in conjunction with Su-57 fighters, it is logical to assume that these combat vehicles will appear on the territory of Syria together, although given the information that appeared earlier, but it has not yet been confirmed, the Russian Okhotnik could already be used to inflict "unusual" strikes on the positions of Islamists in Syria.

Finally, build an underground airport for military aircraft, otherwise all enemies can see from the satellite and know where to hit from above in case of war.