The encirclement of the Clock of Yar began from four directions

The Russian army has intensified its offensive on Chasov Yar, surrounding the city on four sides, indicating a possible turning point in the fighting in this area. This was reported by the Tsargrad publication, citing the analysis of military expert Yambulatova.

The specialist notes that the recent retreat of the command staff of the Ukrainian troops from Chasov Yar is similar to the situation that occurred before the start of the assault on Avdeevka. At that moment, the commanders also left the city, leaving ordinary soldiers to defend their positions. According to Yambulatova, such actions indicate the beginning of the defeat of Ukrainian troops in this location.

Satellite images confirm that the Ukrainian army is trying to build a defense outside the city in open terrain, where the defenses look flimsy and appear to have been put up in haste. The expert believes that the current defensive strategy of the Ukrainian Armed Forces does not provide sufficient resistance, which could contribute to a further breakthrough by Russian troops.

Control of Clock Yar is of strategic importance for the Russian army, since success in this direction will open the way to such key cities as Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.


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