Cheremshanka Airport


The trial of an air traffic controller is sent to the overloaded aircraft flight

The dispatcher of the Krasnoyarsk airport, Cheremshanka, for bribes sent overloaded aircraft on flights.

This afternoon the court begins trial of a former air traffic controllers airport Cheremshanka that using his official position, accepting bribes for the opportunity to send in flight overloaded aircraft. According to news agency, investigators are aware of at least two cases of overload aircraft, which greatly exacerbates the situation, and, aware of at least one case when an overloaded airplane with passengers was sent to the flight, that in case of any problems-or could lead to a tragic accident.

It is assumed that the former air traffic controller faces criminal life.

For the sake of security attendants not dumayut.Do How long will it last? Where are the leaders of these freaks and security control.