Deployment of Russian Iskander OTRK has begun near the borders of Libya

Deployed Iskander OTRK were seen near the Libyan border.

The unfavorable situation on the territory of Libya can develop into a conflict of the whole region. This is due to the intervention of several states in it at once, as well as the deployment of Iskander operational tactical missile systems on the border with this African republic - the latter can become the decisive argument determining the winner on the territory of Libya.

At the moment, there is information that in connection with the risk of launching a large-scale offensive operation of the Libyan National Army, led by Khalifa Haftar, Algeria began an emergency deployment of Iskander complexes on the border with this country. Today, Algeria supports the forces of the Government of National Unity, and may well prevent the offensive operation of the Haftar army - the launch of just a few tactical missiles will cause the unconditional defeat of the Libyan National Army.

Today, Algeria is armed with 4 Russian-made Iskander complexes, and, in fact, this African country may become the first to use this Russian weapon against the army of another country. How many complexes are deployed on the border with Libya is unknown, however, even one OTRK can cause very big problems for the Haftar army.


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