Testing of the engine for the modernized version of the Russian UAV "Okhotnik" has begun

The Russian UAV "Okhotnik" will be modernized - testing of a new engine has begun.

The Russian heavy attack unmanned aerial vehicle S-70 "Okhotnik" will be modernized and become even less visible for air defense systems and fighters, and the drone will become more maneuverable, which, as an interceptor, will give it unique opportunities to dominate enemy aircraft in the air.

According to information available to the editorial staff of the portal, the modernized version of the Russian heavy attack drone "Okhotnik" will receive a special version of the AL-41F aircraft engine, which will have a flat nozzle. The flat nozzle will give the Russian drone increased maneuverability and at the same time make the drone less visible

According to reports, testing of the AL-41F aircraft engine with a flat nozzle has already begun, in particular, a photograph of the Russian Il-76PL aircraft appeared on the Web, on which the tested power plant is installed. Apparently, the tests could take about 2-3 years, however, thanks to this improvement, the Russian heavy attack interceptor drone will be endowed with unique capabilities that allow it to dominate the skies over enemy aircraft.