Tanks on the railway


The assault on Donbass begins! Ukraine pulled about a hundred tanks, attack drones and MLRS to Donbass

Ukraine could take Donbass by storm in a matter of weeks.

In addition to sending unmanned aerial vehicles of the Bayraktar TB2 type to the Kramatorsk area, it became known that the Ukrainian military additionally transferred about a hundred of their tanks to the fire demarcation area - the total number of armored vehicles in these areas currently exceeds one hundred units, which indicates Kiev's intentions take Donbass by storm.

According to media reports, about 60 kilometers from Donetsk, between 40 and 50 Ukrainian tanks were seen being transferred along a railway line to the region. Kiev did not officially comment on this information, but OSCE observers were not allowed into the area.

“The Ukrainian military denied access to the OSCE monitoring mission to the railway station, where 42 tanks and self-propelled gun mounts were seen yesterday. "At the railway station 60 km from Donetsk in the city of Konstantinovka, the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not allow the OSCE patrol. The Ukrainian army officer argued that this measure was caused by security concerns," the OSCE report says.- reports "Telegram" community "Military observer."

It should be noted that earlier sources reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces were preparing to storm Donbass with the involvement of Turkish UAVs, MLRS and armored vehicles.

"Let them just try" - this phrase has already been expressed recently, BUT Ukraine has not heard! For her, this will be the last battle ... in the entire 6-year war started by her against the DPR and LPR. It is already a pity for those who will die for nothing.

Quote from the commentary "in Ukraine, lard is more expensive than gasoline"
It's like, cars are filled with lard or lard is so little if he wants that it costs the same as gasoline. The average price of gasoline in November 2020 in Ukraine is 22,5 hryvnia - that's 60 rubles. 34 kopecks per liter.
Are they going to fight? Is it worth it, then there will be no fat and gasoline, even for 50 grams. :)

They say that prices in Donetsk are high due to speculators. Not all people can receive pensions in Ukraine, and local payments are small. Nevertheless, the mood is not towards Ukraine. Indeed, the question must be closed - either help to become a state with Normal infrastructures, or let them begin the liberation of Ukraine, as planned by the former primier Azarov in his organization for "saving Ukraine" ... (But he is in no hurry to Donetsk and Lugansk, sort of like ..)
Recognition of Donbass is necessary and will inevitably be in the event of an attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but this is not beneficial to Russia. It is quite affordable to form units from Ukrainian citizens on the territory of Russia. (But not Russian troops). Logistics support of the LPR will be possible as well. But they themselves cannot unite with each other. How will they steer the state, after all, the existence of TWO rebellious regions is not viable, and Russia needs to form an ally, instead of a non-consumer in the form of regions that have not obeyed Bandera fans, a friendly Ukraine is desirable, at least to Kiev. The decisions are serious and important.

It's not about "helping". It is in the interests of the State (set goals). No one will fight and destroy their people for the sake of other people's interests and lives. But the problem of Ukraine needs to be solved and solved to the end, and not as it was in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, when they could have taken Tbilisi and now there would be no problems with Armenia. They "fit in" for Abkhazia because Russian passports (RP) were issued there, that is, under the pretext of protecting Russian citizens (and even then Medvedev did it). In the Donbass, they also seem to have issued a RP. And if there is a "mess", then Russia will have to (but is not obliged) to "fit in", since it will need access to Transnistria, where our peacekeepers are cut off from the mainland. I do not think that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will fight to the last soldier - they will simply go over (not all of them, of course) to the side of HRV. And this will be the end of Ukraine as an independent state.
But the above is not a military issue, but a political one. The lives of people in Donbass, as well as in Crimea, depend on how prepared the country's leadership is to resolve this issue.
And what Ukraine is going to do now is just a "test for lice"

... how was it with whom? With Armenia?

The Russian Federation will betray, as it has already betrayed Yugoslavia in its time, as it has betrayed the inhabitants of Donbass. All and sundry have been wiping their feet about the Russian Federation for a long time ... Once again, the authorities will express "deep concern" ...

Kiev will not be able to take the Donbass by force, Russia is waiting for Kiev to trample on the Donbass, then it will introduce its troops to protect the LPNR.
As soon as Kiev announced that it had bought drones from Turkey to attack the LDNR, as soon as the OSCE suddenly saw the Russian drone control complex in Donbass, as they say, the response followed immediately)). Hence, as soon as Ukraine is trampled on Donbass to attack it, Russia immediately will protect him.

in Ukraine, lard is more expensive than gasoline.

It will be like in Karabakh. As a result, they will capture Kharkiv and Odessa.

The fact that the assault will be sooner or later is obvious. Ukraine needs to close the issue. Or finally lose or finally gain. If you fulfill the Minsk agreements, then you will definitely lose. So either lose everything for sure or 50/50. The choice is obvious.


Every reasonable person understands that in a critical situation Russia will help with its troops, as has already happened. There will be boilers again. So how many people died and most peaceful people ... And you're all about the carnage and carnage