Helicopter shot down


AH-64 Apache attack helicopter shot down over Afghanistan

An American attack helicopter Apache was shot down over Afghanistan.

The Taliban announced the destruction of the US attack helicopter AH-64 "Apache" over Afghanistan, which participated in a special military operation. At the moment, it is known that as a result of the destruction of the American attack helicopter AH-64 "Apache" two American soldiers were killed, which was already confirmed by US representatives.

According to the Taliban, the helicopter was shot down by fire from an anti-aircraft gun while following an unknown combat mission, and it is important to note the fact that if Washington did not initially comment on the loss of the attack helicopter, then later confirmation appeared, however, according to the American side , the helicopter crashed due to a technical malfunction (according to other military sources - due to a collision with a hill - approx. ed.).

It is very difficult to judge how objective the arguments of the Taliban and the American side are, but at the moment there are no photos from the crash site, which, obviously, can well confirm the Taliban’s arguments that the strike machine was still knocked down by fire from the ground.