Helicopter shot down


Over Afghanistan, shot down an American helicopter Chinook. Video

The Taliban shot down an American military helicopter.

A few hours ago it became known that the Taliban militants were able to destroy the American military CH-47 "Chinook" helicopter. The helicopter was destroyed over Helmand province, while, as the militants themselves note, there are both victims and injured.

Initially, it was reported that the American attack helicopter AH-64 “Apache” was shot down over Helmand province, however, as it became known, this is not about a strike vehicle, but about a military transport helicopter. It is reported that on board the helicopter were 12 people (including the crew - approx. Ed.), While, according to the Taliban, among them there are both victims and wounded, however. according to the American side, the victims and the victims were avoided.

According to the US command, the helicopter crashed due to a technical malfunction, in particular, it is reported that a hard landing was made, however, the exterminated fragments of the rotary-wing aircraft suggest that the American helicopter was shot down, while initially it was reported that the Soviet rocket was using " air-to-air ”launched from a ground installation.

At the 1.04 mark in the root of the propeller blade, a fragmentation hole is a hard landing due to damage from outside the bearing system. Thus, both Americans and those who are right are right. Logic, sir.


Here is another place where you can test Russian weapons, by analogy with the supply of Mujahideen Stingers from the vaults of our American partners.