Over Afghanistan, shot down an American helicopter. Video

Over Afghanistan destroyed American helicopter.

This afternoon a video appeared on social networks and on the Youtube service, which captured the destroyed helicopter. According to data published by the Taliban, we are talking about the American military helicopter, but official confirmation on this subject has not yet been provided.

On the presented video you can see that the downed helicopter is completely engulfed in flames. Despite the lack of data on the dead, experts believe that no one could survive as a result of such a plane crash.

In addition to the version that a US Air Force helicopter was shot down over Afghanistan, there is information that the helicopter was in service with the Afghan Air Force, however, due to the lack of official comments on this matter, it was also not possible to confirm it.

It should be clarified that only from the beginning of the current Taliban destroyed in the sky over Afghanistan several unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as several military helicopters, which indicates a destabilization of the situation in the region despite the presence of American military here.