Fighter F-35


Several F-35 fighters spotted over the Black Sea

Several F-35 fighters were spotted over the Black Sea at once.

According to information available to the news agency, on the afternoon of June 17, at least two F-35 fighters were seen in the airspace over the Black Sea. We are talking, presumably, about one American and one British combat aircraft, which were lifted from the deck of the aircraft carrier "Queen Elizabeth".

 According to the source, the F-35 fighters could escort NATO ships that entered the Black Sea a few days ago, while it is argued that the "stealth" fighters operated at a distance from the Russian borders, although the flights themselves were not carried out in NATO airspace and in international airspace, close to the Romanian border.

To date, this is the first appearance of British F-35 fighters over the Black Sea - flights of American combat aircraft have already been performed here. It is known that any incidents were avoided, since according to preliminary data, the fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces did not rise into the sky due to the absence of a threat.

Given the approximate distance from the F-35 fighter flight area, experts note that Russian air defense systems could well have seen fifth-generation American and British combat aircraft.