A drone was shot down over the Gulf of Finland

In the evening, a Ukrainian aircraft-type drone was shot down in the Leningrad region. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, air defense forces on duty successfully stopped an attempted terrorist attack deliberately directed against targets on Russian territory. The time the UAV was shot down was indicated at about 19:30; details about the launch site and the intended target were not specified by the department.

Alexander Drozdenko, the governor of the Leningrad region, confirmed the defeat of an air target over the Gulf of Finland and published a video showing an air defense missile hitting a target in the sky. In connection with the work of air defense in St. Petersburg, the “Carpet” plan was temporarily introduced, limiting flights at Pulkovo Airport, which was later lifted.

Local residents and St. Petersburg residents actively discussed the incident, sharing their impressions and observations. Reports of two strong explosions, flashes in the sky and the fall of the remains of the object filled social networks and local communities. Some witnesses described the physical effects of the attack, including damage to vehicles from shrapnel.

“Our car was hit by a piece of shrapnel, has anyone encountered anything like this? At that moment we were driving along the Ring Road, pulled onto the Krasnoflotskoye Highway, thought that something had slammed, we stopped, didn’t notice anything because it was dark, and now we saw fresh damage to the house on the side where it slammed,” - says one of the local residents.


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