A Ukrainian bomber armed with two X-25 anti-radar missiles was spotted over the Kharkiv region

Residents of the Kharkiv region noticed a Ukrainian bomber armed with X-25 cruise missiles.

This indicates that Ukraine has begun to actively use the means intended to suppress the radar and air defense systems. In fact, this is the first evidence that the Ukrainian Air Force has been using Kh-25 anti-radar missiles since the start of the SVO.

In video footage taken by residents of the Kharkiv region living in territory controlled by Kyiv, you can see a Su-24 front-line bomber carrying at least two Kh-25 cruise missiles on an external sling. Despite the fact that the range of the latter does not exceed 40 kilometers (for the Kh-25MP variant, - ed. note), the latter were developed specifically to suppress radar stations and short-range air defense systems.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether such missiles were used for strikes and what their effectiveness is, however, Ukrainian bombers may well transport anti-radar missiles previously transferred to the United States, since the Pentagon previously emphasized that these weapons are used exclusively by aircraft based on armament of Ukraine.


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