An Israeli drone was shot down over Iraq. Video

Israeli drone shot down over Iraq.

According to Iraqi and pro-Iranian media, an unknown unmanned aerial vehicle, allegedly owned by the Israeli military, was spotted a few hours ago in the vicinity of Baghdad, resulting in firing of anti-aircraft guns. It is reported that the unmanned aerial vehicle tried to go north, but the drone lost altitude, and probably crashed in 100-150 kilometers from Baghdad.

Earlier, the Iraqi military and representatives of the pro-Iranian military units (PMU) banned all flights in the area due to a series of Israeli attacks on the positions of the Iranian and Iraqi military, threatening to open fire on intruder aircraft without warning.

It should be clarified that the data on the crashed unmanned aerial vehicle is very contradictory - in addition to the information that we are talking about the Israeli drone, there is also information that the American drone MQ-9 Reaper was hit.

At the moment, neither the Israeli nor the American military have yet commented on the information about the loss of their drones in the vicinity of Baghdad, but Iran had earlier proposed Iraq to supply its country with free air defense systems to this country.