Military helicopter


Two more military helicopters were shot down over Karabakh

"Cleansing" the air defense of the Karabakh army turned out to be useless.

According to media reports, this morning the air defense means of the Karabakh army shot down two more military helicopters with the Azerbaijani Armed Forces on board. This is the third lost helicopter of Baku over the past day and 12 aircraft lost by the Azerbaijani Air Force over the four days of the armed conflict.

According to available data, two helicopters carried out a joint flight near the positions of the forces of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, and after their detection, they were attacked from portable anti-aircraft missile systems (according to unconfirmed reports, we are talking about Igla MANPADS). A few minutes before that, another helicopter of the Azerbaijani Air Force was shot down - according to some reports, it was shot down by the IRGC of Iran due to violation of the borders of the Islamic Republic, and according to others - by the NKR army. Thus, from the beginning of the conflict, the Azerbaijani army began to incur very serious losses, despite the much larger number of armed forces, however, given the fact that Turkey and Israel are actively supplying weapons to Baku, the situation may radically change, especially since the head of the Republic Azerbaijan refused to hold any negotiations.

According to the Azerbaijani side, the Armenian Air Force also has losses during the conflict, in particular, it reports about two destroyed Su-25 attack aircraft.