Reconnaissance UAVs have been circling over the site of the attack on a Russian ship in the Black Sea for the second day

For the past two days, south of the Crimea and east of the site of the day before yesterday's attack on the Ivan Khurs reconnaissance ship, there has been active reconnaissance activity of the American RQ-4B and RQ-4D UAVs. Given this fact in the context of the incident the day before yesterday, it can be assumed that Western countries are practicing the actions of a reconnaissance-strike complex to destroy water targets.

Interestingly, in this context, maritime drones are used as a means of destruction. It is assumed that this stage of hostilities is currently only in the development stage and it seems that the Black Sea, under the influence of the West, is turning into a kind of training ground for its development.

Mikhail Zvinchuk emphasizes that the Russian armed forces are currently practicing defensive actions, while the enemy is focusing on attack. It is noted that such an approach can greatly contribute to the development of tactics and strategies for the use of unmanned vehicles in maritime conditions, as well as the improvement of methods to counter such threats.

It is noteworthy that a Russian tug was seen in the attack area, which caused a number of concerns regarding the current situation in the region.


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