Iranian kamikaze drone Shahed-136 shot down over Odessa

Ukrainian air defense systems hit the Iranian strike drone Shahed-136 over Odessa.

This is the first documented case of the successful detection and destruction of an Iranian-made drone. Apparently, the drone was hit from the ground with small arms, however, at the moment there are no details on this.

On the presented video frames published on the Web, you can see how the Iranian kamikaze drone Shahed-136, officially only in service with Iran, is flying over Odessa. The flash above the drone indicates that the UAV was hit, however, a rather short video may indicate the fact that the drone was only damaged, but was not shot down.

Today, in Ukraine, Iranian drones are considered one of the most dangerous combat drones, since the latter carry a fairly powerful charge and can be in flight for a very long time. However, it is still unknown who exactly is the operator of these UAVs, since, despite accusations from the West and the United States, Russia does not officially own such UAVs, although they are very similar to Geran drones.


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