Russian Ka-52 and American AH-64 Apache collided over Syria for the first time

The Russian Ka-52 first met in northern Syria with the American AH-64 Apache.

Syrian sources report a possible collision of Russian and American helicopter gunships over the Syrian city of Jarablus. It is known that American military helicopters were carrying out some unknown mission in the area of ​​the city of Jarablus in northern Syria, apparently without warning the Russian side about this. In this regard, the Russian Ka-52 helicopter gunships were sent to intercept the intruders. In fact, this was the first air collision between the Ka-52 and AH-64 Apache helicopters.

At the moment, the information and news agency has photographs with Russian Ka-52 helicopters and videos taken, allegedly, just during the described incident.

Photos and videos do not allow disclosing the circumstances of the meeting of Russian and American military helicopters, however, sources report that such a meeting did not lead to any incidents.

The Russian military promptly responds to any violations by the US military of the current agreement to de-escalate the situation in Syria. This has already repeatedly led to rather serious consequences and even casualties among the American military personnel. In particular, we are talking about the case when Russian armored personnel carrier rammed an American armored car  и four American servicemen were injured.

Well yes ...! the word collided and met this one and the same ... as well as flew one after another ..

The video is not an Apache, this is our Mi-171