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An Indonesian passenger plane disappeared over the Pacific Ocean

The passenger airliner of the Indonesian airline disappeared over the Pacific Ocean.

According to information received by the information portal, on board a passenger plane owned by the Indonesian airline “Trigana Air Service"There were 54 people (5 crew members and 49 passengers - editor's note), while the aircraft traveling from the airport of Sentai and Oksibil initially disappeared from the radars of air traffic controllers, after a while, after numerous attempts to contact the crew of the airliner , it was decided to send rescue teams to the possible crash site.

According to information available to date, the last location of the Indonesian air carrier was identified in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Papua New Guinea. Any details about the incident at the moment are not disclosed by the representatives of the airline, nor by the official press services of the country, however, experts suggest that information about this will appear in the near future.


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