Russian strategic bomber raid on Alaska disgraces the Pentagon

The raid of Russian strategic bombers on Alaska caused panic in the United States.

The unexpected appearance of Russian strategic missile-carrying Tu-95 bombers off the coast of Alaska caused panic in the United States. As it turned out, the American air defense system noticed the Russian strategic bombers and the fighters accompanying them too late - the latter had already successfully worked out the strike and began to return to the Russian borders.

As it turned out, the American Air Force did not even rise to escort and intercept Russian fighters and bombers, and the US Air Force command completely chose to hide this fact from the public, realizing that this mistake could result in a very serious scandal for Washington, since one of the oldest Russian bombers was able to demonstrate an extremely low degree of security of the US borders.

The reasons why American air defense / missile defense systems were unable to timely detect Russian strategic Tu-95 bombers and a whole group of Su-35 fighters remain unknown. However, to all appearances, electronic suppression systems were used against the American air defense systems.

Later, when the Russian military revealed the flight of their strategic bombers near the US borders, the Pentagon began to be ridiculed, confirming the fact that Russian aircraft were approaching the country's borders, but did not voice any details.

Delirium is all for internal use. Tu-95 is impossible not to notice from the moment of its separation from the GDP. What to accompany him!

A distinctive feature of NATO members is that only through intimidation can they be brought into dialogue. Keep it up.

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Is it scary even from afar?

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These are missile carriers. Of course from afar)

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The task of flying up unnoticed to the borders of the TU-95 was accomplished superbly! This is the main goal, without flying over the border to release missiles! It cannot be otherwise. Strategists shoot only when approaching the enemy's air defense border! In this case, it coincides with the borders of the country.

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Delayed reaction. A whip for fright! American soldiers inundated their personnel departments with resignation reports

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