Attack on the Russian military in Syria - an armored car is blown up, at least three servicemen are injured

In northern Syria, a Russian armored car was blown up - at least three wounded.

A few hours ago, in the north of the Arab Republic, a daring attack was carried out on a Russian military patrol, as a result of which serious injuries and injuries were received by at least three (according to five others, approx. Ed.) Russian servicemen.

At the moment, it is known that we are talking about the explosion of a powerful anti-tank mine, the detonation of which occurred either when a Russian military armored car hit it, or by remote detonation. As a result of the explosion, at least three Russian servicemen received serious injuries and injuries, and if the deaths of at least one person were initially reported, then later it became known that this information was untrue.

At the moment, it remains unknown what exactly is behind the attack on the Russian military, since in addition to the Turkish militants, some armed Kurdish groups are also without special loyalty to the Russian military.

How critical damage to Russian armored vehicles are is unknown, since no official comments have been received on this subject by the current hour.

If the "Tiger" on the anti-tank - trash. If that is more - this is a different alignment.

Naturally, American specialists tried and the answer will soon come to their fuel caravans.