The attack on the Russian military convoy in Syria was purposeful - someone warned the terrorists

The terrorists who attacked the Russian military convoy were warned of the passage of the Russian convoy.

The attack on a Russian military convoy in the Syrian province of Homs was completely targeted. It became known that the terrorists, and we are probably talking about the militants of the "Islamic State" (a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.), Someone warned that it was along this route that the Russian military convoy would move. Apparently, the terrorists were nearby, since according to information from Syrian sources, an improvised explosive device (the version of a mortar attack was not confirmed - ed.) Was detonated remotely.

The materials presented show the site of an attack on a Russian military convoy, which allegedly carried humanitarian aid to several localities in the Syrian province of Homs. The damage to the military truck was not as critical as expected, however, the Russian serviceman was seriously injured and could not be saved.

At the moment, it is known that the 45-year-old native of Novosibirsk, Lieutenant Colonel Alexei Schneider, seconded from the Northern Fleet, turned out to be killed in Syria. Representatives of the Russian defense department did not report any other details on this matter.

Who exactly could have given a tip to the terrorists is unknown.

All the state departments are to blame

Here's a riddle ... Say - "what, his name is ?!"

If a radio-controlled projectile, then where is the electronic warfare

Being on someone else's territory, you need to be extremely careful, because there is still a war there.

Absolutely right

Vanga is resting

Before sending a military convoy, you need to skip ahead of the mine detector ... Sorry for our guys ... His blessed memory ...

Exactly - the Turks are behind this. I have not been traveling to Turkey for a long time, I spend money from my Greek and Montenegrin friends ...

And not the fact that it was the Americans with the aim of drawing Russia into the conflict in Afghanistan.

... rather the Kurds, to be blamed on the Turks

... or maybe the Capuchins?

They are definitely Armenians

Eternal memory to the Man and the Officer

Why not use the Foliage system that undermines roadblocks

relaxed but in vain

Apparently the Syrians sold this information to their enemies. This means that the movement of the columns must be classified and travel not in a straight line, but in circles and spirals

And where is the secret service? Why did the Investigative Committee not initiate a case and find the criminals and traitors ???

The kung is armored, there is no cabin ... some wretched decision, plus a KAMAZ, without an "engine" and an axle in front

The question is, where is engineering intelligence and where is the shroud?

Are these Turks? What is not clear.

Hmmm ... who could it be. This is someone who interacts with the Russian Armed Forces and is also in Syria ... perhaps these forces are somehow connected with the downed su-24, mi-24 and the killed ambassador ... No, no, some kind of stupidity)