NATO wants to send warships to the coast of Ukraine, bypassing Turkey

NATO countries offer to bypass Turkey to send warships to the Ukrainian coast.

Despite the fact that Turkey closed the Bosphorus for foreign warships that do not have a registry to the Black Sea ports, it became known that European NATO member countries want to send their warships to the Ukrainian coast, bypassing Turkey. This could lead to a very serious escalation in the region, especially since the Alliance was warned by Russia about the consequences of any provocation.

According to available data, discussions on the issue of launching a naval mission in the Black Sea will be held in the coming days. At the same time, Europe is aware that Turkey will not let warships through. In this regard, it is likely that ships of the Bulgarian and Romanian navies will be involved for these purposes, at the same time, it is not excluded that the EU will ask Turkey to send its warships to the coast of Ukraine.

“Brussels is now considering, according to community sources, launching a naval mission stemming from the common security and defense policy to ensure that grain is shipped directly from the Ukrainian city of Odessa. The first difficulty of a diplomatic nature was to open the passage for European ships to the port of Odessa. Since 1936, the entry into the Black Sea of ​​warships from non-coastal countries has been regulated and limited by the Montreux Convention. This international agreement gives the Turkish government the key to passage.", - reports the publication "El Pais".

Experts fear that actions by NATO countries in the Black Sea could lead to a real conflict with Russia.