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NATO finds a way to bypass the Montreux convention and place dozens of ships in the Black Sea

The "back yard" of Russia may be flooded with NATO ships.

The North Atlantic alliance may receive the right to deploy dozens of its warships and submarines in the waters of the Black Sea, bypassing the Montreux Convention. This became possible after the Minister of Defense of Bulgaria Georgi Panayotov came up with an initiative to deploy the NATO Black Sea Command on the territory of the country, which makes it possible for the Alliance to freely maintain a large number of ships in the region.

The head of the Bulgarian Defense Ministry, Georgi Panayotov, said that the country is interested in deploying a regional component of the NATO naval command in the Black Sea region on its territory. A number of NATO member states have already come forward with approval of this proposal, however, the final decision is expected to be taken only in the future.

“The deployment of the regional component of the NATO naval command in the Black Sea on the territory of Bulgaria automatically frees the hands of the Alliance in this region. In fact, this makes it possible to keep any number of warships in the Black Sea, regardless of which country they belong to. Given the current relationship between Russia and NATO, the situation could have a destabilizing effect on security near Russian borders. At the moment, the solution to this issue depends on Turkey, but, apparently, Ankara is not interested in creating additional tension on its borders. ", - the expert marks.

There was no need to go to Ukraine.

Have you read this Convention?

Woke up famously, the smell of a new Crimean war, with the same outcome

I alone do not understand. How the Bulgarian wanted to be allowed to bypass the Convention ..? Or who else is there?
Or can someone clarify this Bulgarian gambit ...

Whom did they betray?

When everyone in Russia understands why, then everything will work out.

Bulgarians, like Turks, have always been traitors.

Former "brothers" turned out to be those Russophobes. Later, Russia freed them from the Turkish yoke: the Ottoman Empire managed to thoroughly seed the Bulgarian ethnos so that most of the Bulgarians are pro-Turkish. Well, Turkey has always been the enemy of Russia from time immemorial.

There will be something for our Black Sea Fleet to work out our newest anti-ship missiles. Glory to Russia!!

Bulgarians are still "brothers"! The one who betrayed once - will betray again and again!

these are the brothers! Who are all corrupt and why do they hate us so?

It will be possible to destroy all NATO ships at once ...