NATO did not like Russian maneuver with Su-30SM fighters near its borders

NATO fears dangerous maneuvers by Russia with Su-30SM fighters near the borders of the Alliance.

The large-scale military exercises "West-2021" have ended, however, NATO fears a new dangerous maneuver by Russia with Su-30SM fighters right at the borders of the North Atlantic Alliance. According to representatives of the military bloc, there is a real danger that Russian heavy fighters arriving in Belarus may remain in this country, and this poses a very serious danger, since these combat aircraft are superior to almost all fighters of NATO countries in their maneuverability and armament.

Earlier it became known that the Belarusian side intends to receive a large batch of combat aircraft from Russia in the near future. Taking into account the need to produce fighters and the growing threat from NATO, the Russian Su-30SM, which took part in the West-2021 exercises, may well remain on the territory of a neighboring state for an indefinite period of time.

NATO believes that such a maneuver on the part of Russia is quite possible, especially since Belarus has no other chance to quickly strengthen its defense capability, not to mention the fact that, in fact, we are talking about protecting the airspace of the Union State.

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