NATO announced the transfer of 1 million ammunition to Ukraine in 2023

Ukraine will receive a million 2023-mm ammunition from NATO countries in 155.

It is estimated that this amount of ammunition will be enough to conduct intense battles with the use of artillery for 9-10 months. However, considering that other countries, including Pakistan, are also making deliveries, this obviously indicates the fact that the West is predicting military clashes in Ukraine for a whole year.

“Today we all say together that we will transfer 1 million ammunition to Ukraine. Now we will find a solution. It will be the stocks of the EU member states or it will be purchases at the expense of the European Peace Fund. Various mechanisms for this already exist. I'm sure the people who provide the solution for the technical details will agree on everything.", - said Hanno Pevkur, talking to reporters.

In addition, Europe hopes that other countries will be involved in the supply of shells in Ukraine. In particular, we are talking about South Korea, which has a fairly impressive stock of such ammunition.

It is quite obvious that Europe is in favor of an escalation of the conflict, completely ignoring Russia's position on the readiness to negotiate.


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