NATO officially rejected Russia's demands to withdraw troops from Bulgaria and Romania

NATO said they would not comply with Russian demands for the withdrawal of troops from Romania and Bulgaria.

NATO refused to comply with Russian demands related to the withdrawal of troops from the territory of Romania and Bulgaria. According to the statement, any Russian proposals in this regard are unacceptable and will not even be considered by the North Atlantic Alliance, despite the sharply increased level of tension in relations with Russia.

NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana on Friday rejected Russia's "anachronistic" demand to withdraw from the Atlantic Alliance from Romania and Bulgaria, members of it since 2007. Russian diplomats have urged NATO to withdraw troops, weapons and military equipment from the two countries as part of ongoing talks with Russia over Ukraine, which Russia is threatening with a major troop buildup on the border. Bulgarian Prime Minister Kirill Petkov told the Bulgarian Parliament on Friday that Bulgaria is an independent state that has long decided to join NATO. “As a member of NATO, we independently choose how to organize our army, in agreement with our partners. Russia must continue constructive dialogue to de-escalate [border] tensions [with Ukraine] and work for a safer Europe based on the rule of law,” he said., - reports the edition "Balkan Insight".

The Russian side has not yet responded to NATO's refusal to comply with such requirements, however, the situation leads to the fact that Russia intends to begin to independently ensure its own security in the western and southern directions, including through the deployment of offensive weapons, new military facilities and the corresponding infrastructure.

Here are 2 countries decided to become targets for a nuclear strike from Russia, where NATO missiles are located against Russia. During a military conflict between NATO and Russia, these 2 countries will be destroyed from the world map. Which of the NATO countries is ready to be in this queue?

It's time for Russia to sober up

For the information of all those interested, there are no foreign troops and equipment in Bulgaria on a permanent basis. They only come when there are exercises.

Forgivable for you.

The night is young
Have to comply, or war

Putin has some kind of trump card up his sleeve - they will fulfill

The result was predictable. And there was nothing to demand. All actions of Russia must correspond to the existing realities.

Further, it means only a spark and the war will begin!

First, shout at the Crimea "Just don't get in."
And then demand "Go away"?!
Reminds me of Kanatchikov's cottage :)

And who provided us with security before this failure? It would be interesting to know.

Well, it’s obviously a stupid request to ask for the withdrawal of troops from a country that is a natka. But this does not negate the fact that they are also targets in the event of a nix). As if the gypsies would have some kind of protection

Wow, but I thought they would fulfill all the requirements. How I miscalculated!



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