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NATO sends 37 troops to Ukrainian border with Crimea

NATO forces of 37 thousand people will be deployed on the border with Ukraine.

According to some reports, the Ukrainian side intends to increase tensions on the border with Crimea by deploying NATO forces here from 37 thousand troops - 20 thousand US troops and 17 thousand troops from other NATO member countries.

"According to Ukrainian officials, as clashes between Ukraine and Russia develop, the Crimean peninsula will become the first NATO target when crossing the border with Russia," Soha reported.

It is known that NATO forces will indeed be deployed near Crimea, however, we are talking only about the large-scale military exercises "Defender Europe 2021", which indicates that we are not talking about the permanent deployment of the Alliance forces, however, it is obvious that exactly In contrast, Russia is deploying numerous military units from Crimea, while Russia is also expected to begin large-scale military exercises, including the use of ground forces, combat aircraft and naval forces.

On the other hand, experts do not exclude that within the framework of NATO exercises, Ukraine may launch an offensive on Donbass.

The Jews will agree.
There are Jews in the USA, Jews in Ukraine, Jews in Russia ...
And the Jews do not fight among themselves.

NATO does not send, but utilizes its warriors. Crosses will grow on the graves of a foreign country. And for what?



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