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NATO sends 37 troops to Ukrainian border with Crimea

NATO forces of 37 thousand people will be deployed on the border with Ukraine.

According to some reports, the Ukrainian side intends to increase tensions on the border with Crimea by deploying NATO forces here from 37 thousand troops - 20 thousand US troops and 17 thousand troops from other NATO member countries.

"According to Ukrainian officials, as clashes between Ukraine and Russia develop, the Crimean peninsula will become the first NATO target when crossing the border with Russia," Soha reported.

It is known that NATO forces will indeed be deployed near Crimea, however, we are talking only about the large-scale military exercises "Defender Europe 2021", which indicates that we are not talking about the permanent deployment of the Alliance forces, however, it is obvious that exactly In contrast, Russia is deploying numerous military units from Crimea, while Russia is also expected to begin large-scale military exercises, including the use of ground forces, combat aircraft and naval forces.

On the other hand, experts do not exclude that within the framework of NATO exercises, Ukraine may launch an offensive on Donbass.

The Chinese will soon deploy a couple of million, so you will jump for joy.

They jump for joy7

if they don't want to be like it was in 1945 then let us meet

if you didn’t serve, then you’d better shut up, you’ll seem smarter.

How will we bury it?

When hitting "Hail" or "Tornado", it will not work to separate the flies from the cutlets. Therefore, NATO fighters need to remember this and prepare diapers for themselves.

Well this is how many boards are required to take out the cargo 200 in case they twitch. Do they understand this?

Why bury the ashes)))

You apparently do not know how to use the Internet. look at western resources. The EU (NATO) is in a panic, no one wants to die for the interests of the United States. And the United States is scratching its turnips. All the dancing on the part of Ukraine gave the opposite effect, they wanted to scare Russia, but "crap" themselves.

Why don't we cooperate with our North Korean comrades? They are on their peninsula like a "bull in a tin can" and they deploy at least 200 thousand contingent in our territories, what kind of help and "fist under the nose of the imperialists." The time is warm until winter in tent camps along the border of the Russian Federation and Ukraine and on the territory of the LPR and DPR of Belarus and the Kaliningrad region. and by winter you can fill our HF. Arrange add. barracks. It is possible to "agree", and they are not averse to grabbing the imperialist hydra by the "coca". We, in turn, place them with an aviation regiment and a couple of air defense-their peninsula-essentially unsinkable aircraft carrier. Yes, and in our Far East and Transbaikalia 100-200 thousand "deployed" Korean contingent, as a cover would not hurt. therefore they will always help. Vietnam 100 thousand can also "deploy" on the ter. RF, those have a special attitude to the imperialists and "The debt is not taken."

Guest, you don't know the story yourself, and you write in Russian with some accent of your own. Your "allies" got involved in the war with the fascists already towards the end, when the "allies" already realized that even without them Hitler was kaput.

Orion scouts 4-engine will fly first
Then f15 and f16 painted with dragons and aces of diamonds
It is worn for the night ...
The dogs did not let the dogs sunbathe with their visits to the combat course :-) :-) :-) :-)

And, first of all, you need to learn Russian !!!

Generals Shoigu will go ahead and everything will be OK!

How loud the divisions of the troops sound!)) Conscripts who have not served such divisions for a year and are throwing them over))) in the best case, they saw a machine gun in the gun, and so more and more with shovels and brooms!))) But it sounds frightening DIVISION !!))) )

Well, here the comparison is inappropriate. Germany in 41 with the idea of ​​the Third Reich, which defeated half of Europe and NATO "fighters" never fought anywhere, especially for other people's interests. And based on the history of Russia, a "mama's son" fighting for his land will cost a platoon of NATO members, who are not interested in dying for completely alien interests.

Don't dream, they won't win and they won't come at all. Are they fools to die for Ukraine?

In 14, there was already a fatal shell and more than one. Swallowed unfortunately

Don't tell my socks, I served and saw this call, mothers' sons who in a year of service only know how to sleep and eat, 80 percent of them do not even know how to shoot, did not see the shooting range, but saw only a shovel and a crowbar, why did they create a contract army , yes, because there is at least some potential. The contract army is a professional army, they crossed over in Europe long ago, and we have recently ...

Thanks to the allies, the USSR won with them, and now Russia is alone. The story should be taught to Russians.

You have to be a fool and a complete layman in military affairs, what would such a fence !!! Did you serve as a writer ???

Let them prepare 37 thousand coffins.

Just the same in the Crimean War of 1853-56. we lost, teach history to the ignoramus. And this time, God forbid, if they trample just with our weak economy and outdated military equipment, we will be happy to make concessions to Crimea, not to mention Danbass, remember the USSR in the 40s of the 20th century, they also did not underestimate the enemy at the beginning of the war suffered defeat after defeat, although the USSR was then at the peak of its power, and Russia compared to the USSR is a pug next to an elephant. As one wise man said: Even a weak enemy should not be underestimated. Even a weak flame can set a forest on fire.

Listen Leonid NATO is weaker than the RF Armed Forces, don't believe the opposite. The refusal from the conscript army in the EU countries deprived many of their mobilization resource, and the refusal to expand the cost of weapons and new weapons.
Efficiency of Troops Management. according to the generals, NATO lags behind Russia - like "while we alert the brigade, the Russians will move and deploy 5 divisions"

Of course, such beggars who, in addition to a number of benefits, receive from 2000 and more bucks, the beggars are our military, so they definitely do not want to die for 20 thousand rubles and defend Crimea and Danbass

Yes, calm down, the generation of chips and Pepsi is ready to defend their homeland, they don't even want to hear about the war, and even more about defending the homeland, for them it ceased to exist after the collapse of the USSR, and the power for them is invaders and temporary workers ...

What exercises in Cuba? What is nonsense to fence? Russia already has where and whom to defend.

You can never be self-confident, Russia is not the USSR, NATO, with the support of the United States, without much effort to deal with Russia, Russian troops, in fact, on the peninsula themselves will find themselves in a cauldron, God forbid that this does not happen ...

Without the "shapkozakidatelstva", Russia cannot conduct offensive operations near Florida or San Francisco. Even Libya is a bit overkill, but according to the descriptions of Western analysts (I had to read) the Russian forces are more than enough to defend the territory of RUSSIA.
All statements about the alleged 37 thousand, 42 thousand NATO military are just an infusion to intimidate the layman. In fact, NATO will need 20 thousand plastic bags and ready-made legends about interfering "Russian hackers"

put pads with wings in harem pants

There is a place for them in the fields of Russia, among the coffins not alien to them. A.S. Pushkin

Of course, the shooting will be training - and the ashes from the corpses of NATO members are real !!!

A simple tactical move to prevent the aircraft from being surrounded

How do you know? Fought? Or did he develop the technology of weapons? Did they say on TV? If you are sure of your words, answer!

And what they sent right now, it's too early to call the fields out of season, it will be better in the fall for harvesting there will be more sense.

Why bury? I dropped it into the sea and that's it. But what a fat mullet will be ... You will lick your fingers.

I wanted to hear the voices of those who were on the Maidan from 2005 to 2014 - Is this what you really wanted ???

Shashlychek will turn out to be an excellent assortment of NATO warriors, 30 minutes after the first shell in Russia. Another corporal in NATO decided to repeat Hitler's actions, history teaches nothing ...

And where are we going to bury them all now?

After these exercises on the border with Russia, there will be exercises of the Russian Armed Forces in Cuba, as a retaliatory measure from Russia.
The question remains in NATO's teachings how many warriors will remain on the land of Ukraine if the provocation is Russia as an attack ...

This is good, the closer the NATO members will be, the less solar salvo system will be needed .. hello from Rashi and Putin

Natushki help indecisive APUshniki with detachments? They will return home as soon as possible in zinc packaging.

How many? ))

Russia's show off with Putin is costing its population dearly ... NATO technologies are many times superior to Russian ones ... Rush dies ...

In response to the deployment of US and NATO military personnel in the Black Sea zone, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the exercises of the Armed Forces of Cuba and Russia in the Caribbean Sea throughout 2021-2022, with the testing of Caliber nuclear warheads and training of friendly Caribbean countries to counter the aggression of alien countries ...

next Wishlist Svidomo)), in NATO no one is going to die, there are poor teenagers for the Pentagon to pay for their college

It was obvious that they would not calm down. Apparently they are arriving in some naive delusion. Ukraine will certainly take advantage of such a cluster of NATO gentlemen. A great opportunity for Russia to once again show what NATO is!

what primitive comments. What a primitive article.

Welcome ... It is advisable to equip "NATO meat" with crematoria)))

It is correct that they saw with their own eyes what could happen to them in the event of a conflict with us, and then clearly and with feeling told their own that it was time to participate in rainbow parades in civilian life, and not fight the Russian.

clearly they had not been given the task of committing suicides.

The answer is unlikely to be. All the rich are tied up in the west.

Bayraktar first needs to fly to Tosochka)

"The Crimean peninsula will become the first NATO target when crossing the border with Russia" - what are they planning to go further? Such a statement!

a very fair point. its essence should be remembered by any assistant of Ukraine in confrontation with Russia!

"according to Ukrainian people" - already ridiculous
then it's definitely a lie ..))

And why bury in such a case, back in Soviet times, mobile crematoria were developed, operating not on gas but on a thermite mixture, to eliminate the bodies of those who died from epidemics. And then suddenly they also turn out to be covid

37 soldiers? I see no reason to send so little ...

A good target is coming, you are welcome to self-explorers !!!!!

And when will the CSTO hold the exercises?

Each state, a NATO member, sending its military and military equipment to the immediate vicinity of the borders of the Russian Federation, automatically begins to position itself as a potential target for intercontinental missiles. And do not care about the snot "we are for the sake of strengthening friendship." Rattling with weapons, be ready to rattle with shovels in the churchyard.

Where are we going to bury them all?

Oh my God. Who will bury them all? How many burial bags would you need? And will you have to take them to America itself?

"Toosochka" explodes well with bayraktars checked

Time to stream in (American) English:
(On this side, everyone is ready to die for Russia, and are you ready to die for your democracy?)

The same gang was going to the Crimean War, only the United States was not there at that time, it seems they envy that everyone was, but they were not called then.
This time, if trampled, do not stand on ceremony, it is worth remembering just that time, the Crimean War of 1853-1856!

It seems that Tosochka will not be left without work ...

I think the NATO members (and from experience) know that in the event of a mess, they will fall, as in the joke about the "noser" ...
Moreover, ukry adopted NATO uniforms