NATO is practicing a blockade of the Kaliningrad region


NATO is practicing a blockade of the Kaliningrad region

NATO is currently conducting large-scale exercises BALTCON24, during which alliance troops and equipment landed in the port of Klaipeda. After this, they were transferred to the air base in Siauliai in Lithuania, from where they will carry out their tasks. The main role in these maneuvers is given to the Patriot long-range anti-aircraft missile system, which arrived from the Netherlands.

The Patriot system is deployed in Lithuania as a deterrent against possible airborne threats near Russia's Kaliningrad exclave. This was reported by Army Recognition. However, according to various estimates, the system is involved in practicing the blockade of the Kaliningrad region, including the interception of Russian missiles, including Caliber, Iskander, etc.

It should be noted that Amsterdam recently announced the imminent transfer of selected air defense systems to Ukraine, which suggests that Patriot could be sent directly to Ukraine from Lithuania. In this case, air defense systems from another EU state may arrive in its place.


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