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NATO threatened Russia with military measures

NATO is ready to solve the missile treaty dispute through military measures.

According to ABC Nyheter, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance is ready to conduct military operations to resolve the conflict around the treaty on the elimination of medium and short-range missiles. However, as he stressed, "we can find a new approach.

The Secretary General of the Alliance made a reminder of the ultimatum that was put forward in relation to Russia for non-compliance with the terms of the contract.

"The deadline is February 2", - Stoltenberg reminded, saying that the Russian Federation got the last chance.

In order to avoid conflict, the NATO Secretary General stresses the importance of dialogue. It is only possible if the alliance has strong and strong positions. As an example, Stoltenberg cited Norway’s cooperation with Russia, which is happening thanks to NATO.

what war ?! in industry, the depreciation of 80% assets into space from 10, since only 1 is a time, the satellite can be sent, to Syria, an aircraft carrier on the corner that “floats”, “blacksmiths”, something like crafted from Murmansk and then managed to sink two aircraft, not in combat conditions but if a major armed conflict happens, then Russia and FULL p..z..ts will come, so sit in your courtyards and do not fuss

I just go to the shops and see the "triumph" of palm oil. even in a creamy one, warriors are you as bad as you are, at least a little away from the Moscow region and look at the lives of other Russians, they survive as much as they can. the economy tends to zero, and you-send ships and submarines

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I am always amazed at the comments of people: about 45 year .., we must remind them ... and so on. There were other times and people ... The warriors are not you ... (C). Yes, and how to fight something gathered? with such an economy ..., etc. etc.

Let them rise with their ultimatums ..., we are up to the Channel, maximum, 72 hours ... slowly!

We need to respond to their ultimatums with our tough ultimatum. All NATO military bases in the 100 mile zone from the Russian borders will be destroyed after 2 February 2019 at any time without any prior warnings from our side.

for us to start at least to be afraid, according to PRESENT, an ECONOMICALLY strong Russia is needed and not a miserable breed for a state that cannot tolerate its fellow citizens

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We need to remind1945g to shut up forever

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has already learned to look for the 5 corner?

Does Mr. Stoltenberg know what "tukhes" is? Let him go there with his threats.

Pindos have not received for a long time tinsel and insolent in the root

Let his wife put ultimatums at home

They will answer, but at the moment when it will be possible to lose As little as possible of our lives, and shut up those forever! Most of the European Union have already come to visit us, usually this happens every 100 years, and sometimes it does not happen once.

"Fools to teach, only to spoil!"

I completely agree, they are tired of their show-off

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NATO openly declares war on us for not fulfilling its requirements. why everyone is silent again in a rag and not send them to the open, that would not dictate to us the conditions. I’m sure that our waiters will again mumble something back, and they don’t get these circular explanations before these stupid people

Or maybe the Norwegians are just neighbors.