NATO will conduct large-scale military exercises off the coast of Russia, using two aircraft carrier strike groups

NATO will conduct a major military exercise 400 kilometers from the Russian border.

Great Britain, the United States and a number of NATO countries intend to conduct large-scale military exercises 400 kilometers from the Russian borders, in which two aircraft carrier strike groups will be involved at once - one of them will be led by the HMS Prince of Wales aircraft carrier of the British Navy, and the second by the USS aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman "US Navy.

Two carrier strike teams, 2022 NATO troops and a large number of military aircraft will take part in the Cold Response 35 military exercise, according to The Barents Observer. It is argued that this will be the largest NATO military exercise held in the Arctic Circle since the 80s of the last century.

“While Russia is deploying a new anti-ship hypersonic missile 3M22 Zircon in the Barents Sea, NATO has decided to send“Cold Response 2022»Two of its most powerful naval assets: the aircraft carriers HMS Prince of Wales and the US Navy aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman. Teachings "Cold Response 2022aimed at rehearsing the defense of northern Norway, will be the largest NATO exercise above the Arctic Circle since the 1980s. Some 35 soldiers from 000 countries will take part in it. A large part of the exercise, which will begin in March, will take place in the sea and in the air ", says The Barents Observer.

It is reported that the Russian side may begin to conduct its own exercises, including with the use of hypersonic weapons to defeat surface targets. This will allow NATO to visually demonstrate the capabilities of the Zircon missiles.

Let NATO not forget that now Russia is armed with Zircons, so the NATO fleet is invited to stay not 400 km from the border with Russia, but at least 1000 km away.

Is it weak in winter? It’s somehow not serious to conduct exercises beyond the Arctic Circle in March, they would still celebrate the polar day ... It would be better for a picture on YouTube

it means that there will be an opportunity for the Russian fleet to conduct its exercises on real NATO "exhibits" - Russian satellites and submarines will detect ships and point them with an instant31 with a hyper Dagger

About a dozen drifting mines of the 2nd World War accidentally ended up in that square there? The desire to approach the borders of Russia will immediately disappear.

Well, let's see how they turn into icebergs. They are accustomed to warm waters, and here is the Arctic Circle.

Now the rattling of muscles will begin - whose is stronger. God forbid, something goes wrong: either the Zircon deviates from the desired direction, or ...