Start of a tactical rocket


NATO deploys 230 tactical missiles 54 kilometers from Crimea

NATO has begun deploying tactical missile weapons southwest of Crimea.

On the territory of Romania, a NATO member country, the deployment of US tactical missile systems HIMARS has begun, which, according to media reports, have received tactical missiles capable of hitting targets at a distance of 250-300 kilometers. Most likely we are talking about the deployment of 54 launchers, and not 18 launchers, as it was earlier сообщалось.

According to the World Arms Trade Analysis Center, the arrived equipment and materials will be delivered to the location of the 81st battalion of operational-tactical missiles (Focsani), which will be the first unit of the Romanian Armed Forces to adopt this system.

The most dangerous are tactical missiles, not the rockets also used by these launchers, since their range allows them to strike at Russian territory. It is noteworthy that each of the complexes delivered to Romania is armed with at least one M57 operational-tactical missile (ATACMS).

Experts believe that against the background of such actions on the part of NATO, Russia will not only strengthen the defense capability of the Crimea by deploying additional air defense systems, but in response will deploy operational-tactical missile systems capable of striking Romanian territory.

Ответный удар по Румынии. И тут до румын дошло...

Calm down, he was going to give out otvetki. Goal like a falcon to lose nothing and no one.

These Americans will soon get what they deserve ...

eco surprised Russia is ready to meet them and destroy absolutely everything, not only on approach and at the moment of launch, and then let them try our response, let's see how they stand against our Zircons Daggers and the newest Roy UAV system, not to mention Satan in the load

As soon as the Washington-Berlin-London axis quacks, they will come running.

Wanted to fight or what ???

why lie!!?? From Focsani to Crimea, more than 500 kilometers. Open the map!

It is in vain that someone thinks that Russia will leave these steps of NATO unanswered ...! All will be...! And the Squirrel and the whistle ... and the Mace with the Typhoon ...!

Hurry already. The quicker it starts, the quicker it ends.

Hello! Russia, Belarus and Ukraine have created a Union, is it legal, but when these three states that brought together abolished this Union is it illegal?

They don't owe us anything. Nobody owes us anything, it's time to understand.

Why do we need a scorched radioactive desert?

Firstly, not 230 km, but 400 km. Secondly, the launch range of the M57 does not exceed 270 km. Thirdly, from Romania to Crimea there are about 218 km between the nearest points of the coast. This means that even with ANACMS launches from the coast, they can cover no more than 52 km of the western end of the Crimean Peninsula. But who cares about geographic and technical nuances when you need to come up with another catchy headline for an article. :)

Of course, I and many are against the war, but if it starts, then the countries of the Warsaw Treaty should be ours again, just like Crimea, we must return them, because Gorbachev's Yeltsin coup and the collapse of the USSR have no legal force.