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NATO secretly deployed offensive forces near Russian borders

NATO countries have covertly deployed offensive centers and large forces near Russian borders

A few hours ago, the Belarusian military officially notified the Russian side, within the framework of military cooperation, about the covert deployment of large NATO forces and offensive centers near the Russian borders. According to the information provided by the Belarusian side, Russian military facilities are constantly monitored, while the NATO contingent deployed near the Russian borders is not defensive, but offensive.

“First Deputy Minister, Chief of the General Staff Viktor Gulevich took part in a meeting of the CSTO Military Committee in Moscow. Gulevich expressed Minsk's opinion on the situation in the region, the ministry said. He noted the activity of NATO on the borders of Russia and Belarus, including the deployment of intelligence centers and transportation centers, improvement of military infrastructure, "- reports the Russian information publication" ".

Apparently, we are talking about another exacerbation of the situation both on the Russian border and on the border of the Union State, in particular, about a day ago it became known that an unknown military aircraft violated the Belarusian border, made reconnaissance and at the same time disappeared without hindrance - the Belarusian military failed to take proper measures to liquidate it.

Give our ardent greetings to the head of NATO !!! Only this is not "Whatman paper and paper are ready!", But the camera in the taiga taiga is ready for him and is waiting for him with impatience! We will continue to reeducate as in good times: we will cut down the forest! Patience and a little effort!

What, we want it to be like 1941, but where is yours - a preemptive blow or are we thinking about kids abroad? You will make it. And even if it does, we will think about whom to vote for in the elections.

From the closed Babsky forum, the wife learned that in Italy they only cover the movements of troops on the Russian border. About Ukraine, no gu-gu. Those present us as aggressors. The war probably cannot be avoided, including on foreign territory.

somewhere I already heard it. Seems in the forty-first, too, so it was

One of the many and favorite tactics of the United States is to keep its designated adversary in constant "tension and fear", actively demonstrating to everyone, both enemies and allies, its NATO power. Obviously, what is happening can be observed everywhere along the borders of Russia. In the current situation for Russia, the most effective response to our adversary, and his aggressive NATO bloc, will be a commensurate similar tactic "to keep the United States, NATO and all enemy neighbors in" frightening tension "using all available methods and means of influence available in the military arsenal. Now, near the borders of Russia (both at the western borders, so in the north, Transcaucasia, the Far East, etc.), an active phase is underway to collect intelligence data on the deployment of the armed forces of our country in the border areas, their transfer for subsequent analytical processing and adoption decisions for making adjustments to military action plans.

In short, as Vysotsky sang, chop pine trees into coffins

First, they let the NATO UAV fly. And then they shout "Russia is filming you!" and in a whisper "Come on, come on, come on and zashYtym you too" :)

What kind of nonsense? Intelligence is working perfectly, NATO is just having plans and Russian intelligence already knows this and it is not possible to secretly form military personnel near the borders of Russia

Will they attack from Estonia?

Well, if secretly, how does know about this?