FCAS aircraft


NATO first showed the "killer" of the Russian Su-57. Video

European aircraft manufacturers introduced a new generation fighter.

Germany and France in the framework of the large-scale project Paris Air Show-2019 presented a full-size model of a jointly developed fighter of the new generation FCAS (Future Combat Air System - “Air combat system of the future”). In the telegram channel "Wings of War" and other sources, there were videos and photos of the new aircraft.

Information, which presents the exact technical characteristics of the fighter, a little. It is not known which generation FCAS belongs to. It is assumed that this is the first European fighter of the fifth generation. There is also an opinion that Germany and France decided to create a sixth generation car, positioned as the killer of the Su-57.

The development of the project involved two companies. This is the German "Airbus Defense and Space", the main production of which is located in Munich, the French Dassault Aviation. Firms create the concept of the basic elements of FCAS, evaluate the technical and operational effectiveness of the program, its overall feasibility. It is planned that the beginning of mass production of the machine and its entry into the troops will be time close to the 2020 year.

Initially, the new fighter had to develop France and the UK. In this case, the British intended to participate in the program BAE Systems, but the plans confused Brexit. Instead of a British developer, German entered the program. The joint work agreement was signed by French Defense Minister Florence Parley and his German counterpart, Ursula von der Leyen. Somewhat later, Spain joined the project.

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