NATO closes borders, trying to block access to Kaliningrad region

Finland has decided to effectively close land connections with Russia, and now Estonia and Norway are also considering the possibility of following this example. These steps are seen as part of a broader Western strategy to blockade the Kaliningrad region.

In addition, there is increasing tension in the region due to statements by Copenhagen about the possible closure of waterways to Russian ships and an increase in the US military presence. Planned NATO exercises in the area are also raising tensions.

Significant military forces of Western countries are already stationed around the Kaliningrad region, including American units, Polish and Lithuanian troops. In particular, the 42nd Tank Brigade “Lithuania” is expected to be deployed near the Suwalki corridor. The total number of NATO troops in this region could reach approximately 70 thousand people.

Enhanced training for Polish military divisions located near Kaliningrad includes modern weapons and exercises. In February-March 2024, large-scale maneuvers of the NATO group are planned, aimed at combat coordination of forces.


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