A buyer has been found for 35 airliners MC-21

Aeroflot will order another 35 of Russian MC-21 aircraft

According to Interfax, Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov, at the board of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, said that Aeroflot, which has entered into a contract for the purchase of an MC-21 aircraft, is contracting additional 35 aircraft. The first contract signed by the airline with the leasing company Aviakapital Service, which is part of Rostec, providing for the supply of 50 airliners to 2020 - 2026 MS-21, was concluded in February 2018, but because of the American sanctions, there were difficulties in acquiring import components, and the start of deliveries was postponed to 2021 year.

MC-21 airliner belongs to mid-range class aircraft, which are the most popular in the world and domestic aviation. It was developed by Irkut Corporation, a member of the United Aircraft Building Corporation UAC. Now Irkut is engaged in testing this aircraft.

The cost of the contract concluded by Aeroflot with AviaCapital Service exceeds 5 billion dollars. This includes lease payments for the 12-year period, as well as reserved maintenance.

The new lease contract for MC-35 21 liners is under discussion. According to a source close to the KLA, the lessor has not yet decided. There is a possibility that they will again become AviaCapital Service.

The question of a contract for additional aircraft was discussed during a meeting in the government. UAC President Yury Slusar and Aeroflot CEO Vitaly Savelyev participated in the discussion of the topic.

At the end of 2018, there were 253 aircraft in the Aeroflot fleet, including the 164 medium-haul aircraft. The most massive is the Airbus A320. Such liners in the company 80. Since there are no new orders for medium-haul aircraft from Aeroflot, the Russian MC-21 may be the most popular in the company's fleet.

What's happening? Orders, orders. And at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant staff reductions are waiting.