AGM-88 rocket fragments found in Ukraine may belong to American F-16

The AGM-88 missile, the wreckage of which was found in Ukraine, can only belong to the American F-16.

Experts, as part of the investigation, came to the conclusion that the fragments of the AGM-88 anti-radar missile, first discovered in Ukraine, can only belong to the American F-16 fighter. To date, the United States does not have ground-based launchers that allow launching such missiles, while there was simply no time to modernize the fighters in service with Ukraine.

As part of the investigation, experts found that, unlike other types of missiles in service with the US Air Force, AGM-88 missiles can only be launched by fighters. This fact may indicate direct US intervention in the current situation, although there is no direct evidence to confirm that missiles of this type were fired by US or NATO fighters.

“In a situation like this, a lot depends on the type of rocket. AGM-88 missiles exist in several versions - the maximum range of the basic version is only about 40 kilometers, while the maximum range of the upgraded version exceeds 150 kilometers., - notes the analyst

According to the specialist, if the missile was fired by an American aircraft, then we can only talk about a long-range missile, since it is obvious that the Pentagon would not take the risk of launching a missile from the front line, since Russian air defense systems would easily shot down a fighter.


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