The collapse of the IL-76 in the Irkutsk region


We found the first victims of the crash of IL-76

At the crash site of the aircraft IL-76 found the bodies of the dead.

At the moment the specialists involved in search and rescue operations at the crash site of the aircraft IL-76 body has already found three people aboard the aircraft, however, given the fact that all the plane attended 10 people search will continue for as long as and not the remains of other people will be found.

Among other things, the experts were also able to find and retrieve flight data recorder, which very likely will clarify the situation with the tragic plane crash that took place last Friday.




At the disposal of the portal also appeared the first photos from the place of the plane crash, clearly demonstrate that at the time of the crash the plane just disintegrated into pieces, which most likely is a consequence of a strong impact.

The crew refused to fly, since the accident was preceded by zero visibility due to a strong smoke over the disaster area. Judging by the cotton, after which engines died out, the reason is a high concentration of carbon monoxide CO and associated solids in the smoke. Their entry into the air intakes led to a violation of the normal operating conditions of the engines. The decoding of the "black box" will confirm the testimony of eyewitnesses in accordance with the meteorological data in the fire zone, which led to the violation of normal operation of the IL-76 engines, and therefore at 100% will bring to the clean water the one who gave the order to fly the second time.



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