NATO mercenaries fired at LPR positions in Donbass

NATO mercenaries opened fire on LPR positions in Donbass.

A few hours ago, it became known about the death of five servicemen of the Lugansk People's Republic. According to the data provided, the attack was carried out using NATO weapons, which indicates the fact that both the Armed Forces of Ukraine and mercenaries from the North Atlantic Alliance, who were previously seen in the Donbass, could participate in the attack on the positions of the LPR.

As follows from the information voiced by representatives of the People's Militia of the LPR, the attacking side used NATO standard weapons and Soviet-style weapons - five servicemen of the LPR NM were killed.

“Our servicemen were shot in the head with special weapons. At the same time, one of them was killed by a shot made from a foreign-made sniper rifle. The rest were shot at point-blank by the Ukrainian sabotage group that penetrated the territory of the post "- said in the message.

Remarkable is the fact that at the moment instructors from the United States and European NATO countries are on the front lines, in this connection, it is possible that the reconnaissance and sabotage group could well include foreign military and mercenaries.

in the United States, in broad daylight, they kill and then the war. what questions of faith might be.

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A muddy story, only questions arise ...

you have to be completely stupid to believe it.

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