Airline Azur Air


It named the most non-punctual carrier last month

The most punctuality carrier of Russia in September became the airline «Azur Air».

Relevant material on the eve of the day was officially published representatives of the Federal Air Transport Agency, which studied all occurred in the last month of delay and cancellation of flights came to the conclusion that the most inefficient carrier in the country was precisely the airline «Azur Air», delayed the order 14,5% of their flights. Of course, the reasons for such a large number of delayed flights are not commented, however, likely contributed to this compelling circumstances, which will be known in the near future.

It should be clarified that the second place among the most punctuality Russian airline carriers took "krasava", in which the total number of delayed flights of 11,4%, and closes this kind of pedestal, the operator of "Ural Airlines" which detained just over 10,1% of flights.

Director General of SE QC "KrasAvia" Valery Mordan:

GP QC "KrasAvia" - the state airline of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. "KrasAvia" carries out regular socially significant regional passenger and cargo services. The main activity is intra and vnutrimunitsipalnye flights by planes and helicopters in the Far North of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.
With the specific operations in the Far North and the related flight delays. So flights 1, 30% of them had been delayed because of weather conditions, 2016 flights delayed at the request of the customer charter was performed on 595 90 September 5 years.
The main thing for Airlines' KrasAvia "- is the safety of passengers, so to the assessment of weather conditions in the northern regions before the flight the pilots fit with special attention. Unfortunately from September to May, the weather in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory is quite severe, and often contributes to the adjustments to the flight schedule of the airline. In all other cases "KrasAvia" flies without delays.