Airline YUVT Aero


It named the most punctual airline in January 2017 years

Airline "YUVT Aero" was the most punctual airline in the first months of the year 2017.

As noted in the official report Federal Air Transport Agency, in January carrier "YUVT Aero" carried out with a delay of only three of its flight from 417 committed, which amounts to 0,72% of delays. Earlier, our source of information already reported several times that the domestic flights shedule is one of the best in Russia in terms of the provision of its services, and the current data are yet another proof of that.

It should be clarified that such carriers as Siberia (the number of delayed flights is 1,67% - approx. Ed.) And UTair (the number of delayed flights was 1,69% - approx.) Are also among the top three most punctual airlines in Russia.